Unique wardrobe accessories inspired by nature,
and realized through creative expression.

The simplicity of a line or texture can evoke the essence of nature, timeless style and beauty. The softness of silk renders elegance to each piece.

A wardrobe reflects individual style through the thoughtful addition of an accessory of distinct color and original design.

These unique hand-painted scarves and accessories allow one to layer and extend a wardrobe.

An original artwork to wear can be an exquisite gift, and the savvy traveler knows that a scarf is essential when packing light.

I have chosen easy-to-wear, versatile sizes of silk in various textures and weights. Most pieces are long and narrow meant to be single-wrapped or double-wrapped around the neck. Other pieces are wider and can be worn as a wrap. Additionally, I make pocket squares and handbag accents.

I mix all of my own colors using liquid dye and I love the challenge of color creation.

I steam-set the dyes into the fabric so that the silk retains its natural soft “hand” and luster. The process includes washing and rinsing the fabrics in all-natural products to remove any residue from the dyes.

Through gentle hand-washing, the colors remain brilliant, and the silk soft and durable.

Each piece is a one-of-a kind expression, and I also welcome requests for customized designs. I can interpret specific colors and textures, by working from a photograph or swatch.