Color flows from brush to silk as therapy for mind, body, and soul. I trust the process of life and art.

Over the years I have experimented with various tools and materials in pursuit of expression. At The School of Applied Arts, I studied surface design and decorative painting, particularly enjoying the artistic detailing of organic and historical ornamentation.

Working in the travel industry, I was fortunate to have been inspired by natural beauty, and cultural diversity through travel, and to share the experiences with family and friends. Among my greatest pleasures is to have visited many of the worlds great art collections, particularly the Louvre, Museé d’Orsay, Borghese Gallery, Vatican Museum and the Uffizzi. I was in awe upon discovering the work of Alfons Mucha while visiting Prague and Gustav Klimt while in Vienna.

Travel enriched my life and taught me to find beauty not just in art, but in the smallest detalils of a place or an object. Color, texture, light, and line inspire me. My design ideas evolve from close examination of the play of light on the surface of a rock, a few blades of grass, a single flower petal.

Challenged now with health issues, I have found travel and mobility more difficult. Turning again to art has been my solace; the creative mind is a focused mind. The flow and rhythm of colors and form taking shape lead to a peaceful state of being.

Painting in oil, watercolor and gouache, mixed media collage, and furniture ornamentation had been my passion until I read about silk painting and decided to teach myself the process. My home studio is now a place of joy, discovery, and relaxation. The softness of the silk and the flow of color are an artistic and therapeutic journey.